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Our Aims for Flora 

              To organize and participate in events that will benefit or promote the district of Singleton.

               To assist in education and training within the local community.

              To raise the profile of the Giantess, as a symbol of the Singleton community.




I would like to introduce to you Flora - The Singleton Giant. She is the beautiful Giant made especially for the community of Singleton, in Ashford, Kent.  

Her life started when Strange Cargo were enlisted to develop a Giant for chosen areas.

Flora, a woodland maiden, was awakened on Saturday 22nd April 2006.  The sun shone, on    Flora, on her happy day and the background of the woodland set the scene.

She stands a striking 12 ft high and has joined a family of giants in East Kent,  which have been developed with communities across East Kent. 

Flora is a treasure and we as members of the community hope that you will enjoy seeing her at events all over the district.



Singleton Enviroment Centre has joined the East Kent Health Walks Scheme.
This is a free fun way to help get fit, meet new people and have fun, whilst walking through the countryside getting fresh air.
The walks are every Friday and start at 10am lasting for about 1 hour
Why not take this oppurtunity to take a look at what is happening around us and see what wild life you can see. You never know what you may see.